Ghost Ship

Still in shock. I am without words.
Friendship. Family. Unity. Love.
If you can, please donate. ghost
This fund is to provide immediate relief for those most affected by the Oakland Fire who are not eligible for any other source of immediate relief. We are a group of individualsΒ who all lost friends and loved ones in the fire, and we have been connecting those in our community most in need with resources being offered and funds being raised. Since the Red Cross only takes care of biological family or legal partners of the deceased or the displaced, and The Gray Area Fund is for future long term support, we are one of a small number of groups doing this work and taking care of people affected who do not have their own individual fundraisers. People lost roomates who can no longer pay for rent. People have been taking unpaid time off from work to grieve. People who survived the fire or lost loved ones need therapy and other healing services now. People have been flying in from out of town to attend memorials. We have been hosting memorials at our houses, feeding and housing out of town friends, giving each other free health care and other goods and services. This is a community that was already financially vulnerable, that was struggling to make ends meet before this terrible tragedy. OurΒ groupΒ has already been taking care of those in our community through other fundraisers, and there is a lot more work to do. Your donations will immediately help people struggling in this community.