What’s a trilogy if there aren’t 5 parts?

BIG NEWS!! My pals DEAD have created something… amazing… magical… LIFE CHANGING! What is it?! A five-LP TRILOGY!!!!! Guess what? E M S got to play with Dead, and is part of this magical beast of a box set!

LP #1
“Collective Fictions” Split w/ Mark Deutrom
LP #2 “Untitle” feat BJ Morriszonkle
LP #3 “We Won’t Let You Sleep” feat. Kevin Rutmanis & Toshi Kasai
LP #4 “Unpopularity Contest” Split w/ Wicked City DEAD tracks are a collaboration with EMS
+ A Bonus, extra, secret, one sided LP. (exclusive to this box)

Each record is housed in a silkscreened gatefoldcover cardboard box – limited to 66 copies.
If you’re in the Northern hemisphere, you can pre-order the box set here. Southern hemisphere here.