Summer 2015 – I got to record with my pals DEAD
Fast forward to now — it’s COMING OUT ON VINYL! And now there’s a fun contest with prizes including a copy of that very record!!

Search For the Shittest Riff:

‘To celebrate the release of DEAD/Wicked City’s Unpopularity contest LP, we are offering YOU all the chance to win a once in a lifetime vinyl extravaganza!!

Simply submit a video of your shittest, most pathetic riff and you could win!

– 1 x free copy of the new release
– 1 x free copy of Wicked City’s 3rd LP ‘Worsted Yarn’
– 1 x free DEAD t-shirt
– Free entry to the launch for the winner and a friend

Submissions must be under 30 seconds, and must be original! (No Creed, Nickelback or Live riffs) winner will be announced March 30th. You can use ANY instrument (including your voice).

So get writing, or tag a mate who writes the shittest fucking riffs!

Each band will choose one winner and there will be a consolation price for the person who submits the best riff.

Find out more here: