Avola / Elrond SUMMER QUEST

Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/439245513195304/
AVOLA and ELROND are questing together all summer long!
If you’re interested in helping out with a date/location WE WOULD REALLY APPRECIATE IT!!!!

* = Dates with just Avola
$ = Dates with just Elrond

Thursday, July 12 GRN+GLD – Que Sera Bar – Long Beach $
Friday, July 13 LA, CA
Saturday, July 14 San Pedro, CA

Wednesday, July 18 Bay Area, CA
Thursday, July 19 Northern California
Friday, July 27 PDX, OR
Saturday, July 28 PNW
Sunday, July 29 PNW
Monday, July 30 PNW
Tuesday, July 31 PNW
Wednesday, August 1 PNW
Thursday, August 2 Live In The Depths – Atlantis Lounge – Portland, OR
Friday, August 3 Seattle, WA
Saturday, August 4 Moscow, ID
Sunday, August 5 Missoula, MT*
Monday, August 6 Billings, MT*
Tuesday, August 7 Minot, ND*
Wednesday, August 8 Fargo, ND*
Thursday, August 9 MPLS, MN
Friday, August 10 MPLS, MN
Saturday, August 11 Madison, WI
Sunday, August 12 Iowa City, IA
Monday, August 13 MPLS, MN
Tuesday, August 14 MPLS, MN
Wednesday, August 15 Bismark, ND
Thursday, August 16 Bozeman, MT*
Friday, August 17 Nampa, ID*
Saturday, August 18 PDX, OR
Friday, August 24 PDX, OR
Wednesday, August 29 SF/Oakland, CA
Thursday, August 30 Riverside – Cemetary Gates – Venue Aurea Vista 3498 University Ave Riverside Ca




Welcome to VERNS.WORLD

A lot of changes going on around here! First — welcome to verns.world !!! My .net was about to expire and I thought… hmmm this seems WAY MORE FUN! I hope you like it as much as I do…
In other big news, after some years of using the moniker EMS – or Eat My Shit – I’ve decided to give my music a more grown up name… my name in fact. 
A V O L A .

My attitude won’t change, nor will I be getting rid of those rad t-shirts anytime soon… caz really…

Enjoy the Fruits of Friendship!

Sweet news brought to you by EMS and DEAD! (We even collaborated on this post!)

Back at Home // Unpopularity Contest! New Collaborations featuring EMS + JEM (of DEAD)  // DEAD + EMS

EMS + Jem – “Back at Home”

The EMS + Jem Cassette “Back At Home” is out 6.2.17!  On this recording EMS plays synth and live re-mixes Jem who plays a 44 Gallon drum armed with a hammer, mallets and a piece of fence piping we stole from a worksite.

Listen to a preview  here:  https://youtu.be/SUxdPsD1CRA

Order here: http://stuff.emsmusic.net/

The fourth and final chapter of DEAD’s trilogy features the band in collaboration with Vern Avola aka EMS – underground synth wizard from Portland, Oregon.

EMS is a sometimes touring partner of DEAD and the band consider her to be an exceptionally talented and inspiring individual. One single piece takes up an entire side of Vinyl in what might be described as the soundtrack to a slow, brooding nightmare. As with “We Won’t Let you Sleep” this record was made with Toshi Kasai at Sound of Sirens.
Melbourne cult power trio Wicked City take care of side two with three explosive punk rock bangers. DEAD have admired Wicked City’s unique and uncompromising contribution to progressive punk rock for many years and working with them on this is no small honour. Unpopularity Contest available here.