Welcome to VERNS.WORLD

A lot of changes going on around here! First — welcome to verns.world !!! My .net was about to expire and I thought… hmmm this seems WAY MORE FUN! I hope you like it as much as I do…
In other big news, after some years of using the moniker EMS – or Eat My Shit – I’ve decided to give my music a more grown up name… my name in fact. 
A V O L A .

My attitude won’t change, nor will I be getting rid of those rad t-shirts anytime soon… caz really…


New music up on Bandcamp

unnamedEND OF AN ERA available NOW!!!!

You can download it here: https://emsnoise.bandcamp.com/album/end-of-an-era

Some Visual Stimuli

In celebration of my upcoming digital release “End Of An Era”

More about “End Of An Era”
My last performance as a local in Portland, Oregon was 12.15.17 – with my dear friends House of Low Culture, Caustic Touch and Daniel Menche at Modular8 in celebration of our 4-way split out on Accident Prone Records. My pal Daniel Menche brought his recorder and recorded the whole night. I wanted to share my set with those who were not able to make it, and also those who were interested in preserving the memory of that magestic night.
You can get your copy of the digital album via Bandcamp: https://emsnoise.bandcamp.com/album/end-of-an-era



I had the honor of being part of a split with my pals House of Low CultureCaustic Touch and Daniel Menche! Thanks to Accident Prone records it’s coming out on LP and Cassette 12.15.17! PRE-ORDER HERE: http://accidentprone.com/store

Preview House of Low Culture’s track via Decibel Magazine.



Enjoy the Fruits of Friendship!

Sweet news brought to you by EMS and DEAD! (We even collaborated on this post!)

Back at Home // Unpopularity Contest! New Collaborations featuring EMS + JEM (of DEAD)  // DEAD + EMS

EMS + Jem – “Back at Home”

The EMS + Jem Cassette “Back At Home” is out 6.2.17!  On this recording EMS plays synth and live re-mixes Jem who plays a 44 Gallon drum armed with a hammer, mallets and a piece of fence piping we stole from a worksite.

Listen to a preview  here:  https://youtu.be/SUxdPsD1CRA

Order here: http://stuff.emsmusic.net/

The fourth and final chapter of DEAD’s trilogy features the band in collaboration with Vern Avola aka EMS – underground synth wizard from Portland, Oregon.

EMS is a sometimes touring partner of DEAD and the band consider her to be an exceptionally talented and inspiring individual. One single piece takes up an entire side of Vinyl in what might be described as the soundtrack to a slow, brooding nightmare. As with “We Won’t Let you Sleep” this record was made with Toshi Kasai at Sound of Sirens.
Melbourne cult power trio Wicked City take care of side two with three explosive punk rock bangers. DEAD have admired Wicked City’s unique and uncompromising contribution to progressive punk rock for many years and working with them on this is no small honour. Unpopularity Contest available here.


Noise for Planned Parenthood

I am on this awesome compilation of music put together  by a dear friend of mine – all profits go to Planned Parenthood! Downloadable and also available on cassette!



Summer 2015 – I got to record with my pals DEAD
Fast forward to now — it’s COMING OUT ON VINYL! And now there’s a fun contest with prizes including a copy of that very record!!

Search For the Shittest Riff:

‘To celebrate the release of DEAD/Wicked City’s Unpopularity contest LP, we are offering YOU all the chance to win a once in a lifetime vinyl extravaganza!!

Simply submit a video of your shittest, most pathetic riff and you could win!

– 1 x free copy of the new release
– 1 x free copy of Wicked City’s 3rd LP ‘Worsted Yarn’
– 1 x free DEAD t-shirt
– Free entry to the launch for the winner and a friend

Submissions must be under 30 seconds, and must be original! (No Creed, Nickelback or Live riffs) winner will be announced March 30th. You can use ANY instrument (including your voice).

So get writing, or tag a mate who writes the shittest fucking riffs!

Each band will choose one winner and there will be a consolation price for the person who submits the best riff.

Find out more here:


Come After Me!

In honor of Pennsylvania Senator Daylin Leach, I have created a limited run of these mighty 3″ buttons.  They are available for purchase on my bandcamp page. The pins also come with a download of A Great Friendship, and all profits will be donated to the ACLU.

Screen Shot 2017-02-09 at 3.45.48 PM.png Screen Shot 2017-02-09 at 3.45.58 PM.png



What’s a trilogy if there aren’t 5 parts?

BIG NEWS!! My pals DEAD have created something… amazing… magical… LIFE CHANGING! What is it?! A five-LP TRILOGY!!!!! Guess what? E M S got to play with Dead, and is part of this magical beast of a box set!

LP #1
“Collective Fictions” Split w/ Mark Deutrom
LP #2 “Untitle” feat BJ Morriszonkle
LP #3 “We Won’t Let You Sleep” feat. Kevin Rutmanis & Toshi Kasai
LP #4 “Unpopularity Contest” Split w/ Wicked City DEAD tracks are a collaboration with EMS
+ A Bonus, extra, secret, one sided LP. (exclusive to this box)

Each record is housed in a silkscreened gatefoldcover cardboard box – limited to 66 copies.
If you’re in the Northern hemisphere, you can pre-order the box set here. Southern hemisphere here.


Ghost Ship

Still in shock. I am without words.
Friendship. Family. Unity. Love.
If you can, please donate.
https://www.youcaring.com/ourcommunityaffectedbytheoaklandghostshipfire-715087 ghost
This fund is to provide immediate relief for those most affected by the Oakland Fire who are not eligible for any other source of immediate relief. We are a group of individuals who all lost friends and loved ones in the fire, and we have been connecting those in our community most in need with resources being offered and funds being raised. Since the Red Cross only takes care of biological family or legal partners of the deceased or the displaced, and The Gray Area Fund is for future long term support, we are one of a small number of groups doing this work and taking care of people affected who do not have their own individual fundraisers. People lost roomates who can no longer pay for rent. People have been taking unpaid time off from work to grieve. People who survived the fire or lost loved ones need therapy and other healing services now. People have been flying in from out of town to attend memorials. We have been hosting memorials at our houses, feeding and housing out of town friends, giving each other free health care and other goods and services. This is a community that was already financially vulnerable, that was struggling to make ends meet before this terrible tragedy. Our group has already been taking care of those in our community through other fundraisers, and there is a lot more work to do. Your donations will immediately help people struggling in this community.