Song for Four-Way split with House of Low Culture, Daniel Menche and Caustic Touch on Accident Prone Records

Song for Gradations – Compliation Fundraiser for Planned Parenthood

SaDoMascus Records Winter 2016 Comp available here

Interview about “Liebe Für Alle” for Experimental Portland

Vern Avola has made herself a support beam in the synth based experimental electronic scene in Portland. Participating in a wide roster of projects including Elrond, Big Nasty Bill & the Deans, and offering live assistance for Tig Bitty among many others, she has an apt name for her project in which she is the sole decider…Eat My Shit (EMS). Her October 2016 release, through An Out Recordings, Liebe Fur Alle contains two takes on a live moment recorded by Daniel Menche at the <a href="https