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Avola - Consensual Abduction


CD Limited Edition of 100 /Digital

"In the midst of all the fuss directed at Area 51 - the top secret military installment a the heart of the US's foremost UFO conspiracy theory - its sister site Area 52 remains in relative obscurity. On her latest self-released digital album, West Coast weirdmaker Veronica Avola imagines the experimental weapons facility as an intergalactic soiree where wide-eyed aliens shake their little grey booties while the stars dance over the desert and nuclear rockets shoot rainbow goo. Several years ago, former CIA pilot and conspiracy theorist John Lear claimed that Area 52 was covered with secret runways hidden in the desert floor that could only be accessed through portals that open and close like giant zippers. It would come as no shock to learn that these portals were somehow triggered by Avola's synths." - Emily Pothast, Wire Magazine, November 2019

When It Reigns It Poors Series

EMS 01 Cassette

Cassette Limited Edition of 30, SOLD OUT (thanks)

EMS-0.01-0.09 (Digital)

"Avola is the surname and solo project of Vern Avola, a Portland, Oregon based sonic adventurer who is also half of the synth duo Elrond. In early 2019, Avola began releasing unedited recordings of her electronic live sets, mostly performed in DIY spaces, ranging in length between 16 - 23 minutes. The latest installment in this series, When It Reigns It Poors Vol 6, is an exercise in enthusiastic improvisation. oddball beats and psychedelic static. While most of Avola's live sets eventually find their way into wiggly, danceable grooves, they are also filled with expansive, introspective passages where nothing stays put or feels settled for too long. The only constant running through these six live performances is the energetic sense of playfulness and genuine unpredictability." Emily Pothast, Wire Magazine, Issue 427 September 2019

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