Veronica "Vern" Avola aka Trigger Object is a composer and multimedia artist born in Italy and currently based in Portland, Oregon.
Avola spearheads EMS Records, a sanctuary for their own, unconventional and peculiar sounds, mostly in the form of limited run cassettes and compact discs, while also releasing albums under labels like Sige Recordings and An Out Recordings. In addition to their solo endeavors, Avola is a member of Australian band DEAD, collaborates on occasion with with Daniel Menche (as Bear Spray), Ian Gorman Weiland (as Elrond), Vo Vo (An Out Recordings) and Erika Anderson (EMA). Avola was a founding member of Prizehog (2006-2015), and a long time member of Shrew Florist (2005-2012).

Their live performances, celebrated for their unconventional charm, have graced stages worldwide. Avola's residencies at esteemed institutions like Pioneer Works and involvement in organizations such as Residency Earth showcase their commitment to pushing artistic boundaries. Avola has had their music described as "wonderfully crunchy and kinetic" and "electronic music that combines wall noise with a delirious, Amanita Muscaria-soaked sense of dynamics."

Avola's interests span beyond composition and performance to the airwaves and the karaoke stage. They host a radio program on Repeater Radio in the UK, sharing eclectic tunes of all kinds. Off the air, Avola indulges their love for karaoke by hosting a bi-weekly event in Portland, Oregon called Road Hog Bitch Karaoke.

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